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Tom and Jerry Games

The plot of the "cat and mouse" is a classic, and we owe this much to the same Tom and Jerry, legendary feline and rodent of the screen that they have been pursuing since the very 40s, fighting, making a thousand tricks or even, if you feel like it, having a good time. Now they come to online entertainment and they do it in style, starring in a lot of Tom and Jerry games that will not leave you indifferent, especially if you are a fan of the characters. Only one thing remains intact and unmovable despite the passage of time, Tom is still obsessed in hunting down his half nemesis, half friend, Jerry who, for his part, continues to devote himself to stealing all that tasty delicacy that is put to shot. Thus, in our games of Tom and Jerry the old cat will manage to end the misdeeds of the rodent, although for this he has to resort to the launching of water filled balloons. In a changing universe, Tom and Jerry are the only constant. Check it!.