Cartoon Network Games

Cartoon Network is a world full of heroes in search of adventure. Of course, they are tiny. There are classic, muscular and / or powerful lines such as Max Steel and Ben 10. We also have a boyish look like the Powerpuff Girls. Sweet and fat as Chowder. Bad-tempered geniuses like Dexter and his lab. As cowardly as Courage the Cowardly Dog and Scooby Doo (both dogs!). Fools and devils like Billy and Mandy. Hyperactive like Gumball. Twink and anxious as Finn and his dog Jake. Crazy and surrealists like Uncle Grandpa. Loafers like Steven Universe or Mordcai and Rigby. All extremely different in appearance, form and intention but, always always - or almost - seeking to do good and get away with it, amid laughter and amusement. Those are the atypical heroes with make up the planet Cartoon Network. Now it's up to you to decide which of them you consider most suitable to star in one of our Cartoon Network games and, simply, have fun with it, giving pleasure to the controls on your device. In the Cartoon Network games, only one simple thing matters: your fun.