The Avengers Games

Nobody makes superhero movies like Marvel Studios, and the huge string of accumulated successes prove it. They have given life to a series of characters by all known whose origin goes back to the cartoons of the comics, but perhaps their most popular creation is The Avengers. Joining a series of normally lonely heroes was an idea that had never been taken to the cinema and the result was a tremendous success that still continues today, not only in other films of their own or others, but also in the field of merchandising. Rare is the product that has not been splashed, and here are included games of the Avengers. Together or separately, you can enjoy the adventures of the most famous and renowned members: Captain America and its unmistakable shield. Iron Man wearing that dazzling red and gold armor. Thor and the hammer that even allows him to fly. The green Hulk crushing everything. Or the agile and brave Black Widow. Action, fantasy and fun in abundance is what these games of The Avengers reserve for you.