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Descendants Games

Games of Descendants ... but of what or from whom ?. Well, from Maleficent, Jafar, Cruella de Vil and the Evil Queen. That is, the children of the most famous and dangerous villains of the Disney universe. All of them will have an opportunity when Prince Ben invites them to leave the island of the lost, where their parents are imprisoned, and to live a normal life in the kingdom of Auradon. Will they take advantage of it in a positive way or will the evil instincts of their parents come out? Emotion, intrigue and belly pain. The same ingredients that you will find in these Games of Descendants, in which you will be able to submit to challenges, aesthetic changes, surgical operations, puzzles and a lot of thousand adventures to those children of famous imaginaries. Because the good guys of bad dads also have the right to have fun, spend a fairytale time with these Games of Descendants.