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Tarzan, the mythical king of monkeys, was born from the pen of Edgar Rice Burroughs in 1912. Since then he has starred in an extensive and generous series of novels, comics, radio programs, films and television series, although it was the adaptation produced by the Disney factory that was imprinted on the retina of the modern spectator. Tarzan was an English child who was educated living with apes in the deepest jungle, becoming a true warrior of great skill with a very high sense of justice, defending the inhabitants of the jungle - people or animals - of the claws of the inevitable villains. That is the juicy material that has inspired Tarzan's string of games that we offer you here and now, in which you can handle the king of the monkeys jumping from liana to liana, howling his famous war cry, fighting rampaging beasts and hunters furtive or ... well, doing motocross, coloring and assembling puzzles. Impose order, justice and fun in the lush jungle with Tarzan games.