Mixels Games

In a hallucinated world of unbridled fantasy live Mixels, strange creatures between robot and abstract painting spread over different tribes and can be combined together like pieces of a puzzle. There are three distinct phases of possible mutation, the so-called mix (consisting of two Mixels), the max (three of the same tribe) and the murp (when the sum is resolved with a disaster). In total there are twelve gangs with such bizarre names as Infernities, Cragsters, Electroids or Nixels, the bad guys in the village. All these funny little bugs emerged from the world of animation via "flash" by Lego, and now, as it is by law, they arrive in Mixels games format. With such a digital past, Mixels have embedded pearls in this enjoyable environment starring in games where they fight, mix, poke the evil Nixels and become entertaining puzzles ready to arm. Mixels games not only offer humor and emotion, they also appeal to your creativity. And that is something very good.