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Gravity Falls Games

The day that the Dipper brothers and Mabel went to spend the holidays in the town of Gravity Falls, they did not expect that all those monstrous creatures that their uncle Stan talked about could be a real reality. But they were, as narrated by the strange confessional diary that Dipper found abandoned in the depths of the forest. From that moment the brothers decided to put an end to the mystery hidden behind Gravity Falls, even if it meant engaging in dangerous and exciting adventures. A plot like that, so full of fascinating enigmas, interesting characters and an imposing mountain environment, can only give as something good. Or very good As much as an animated series and its subsequent games of Gravity Falls, which go to the bars of suspense and fun without depopulating. With them you will be able to fight against small grumpy monsters, solve hundreds of enigmas and also the odd puzzle.? With regard to the Gravity Falls games there is no mystery worth, it is simply to have a great time. You are invited to check it!