Elsa Games

We all know Elsa, star of "Frozen: the ice kingdom", the successful Disney movie. And we are all aware of its powers, which consist of creating snow and ice at will with a simple click. Although it does not always depend on your will, sometimes these qualities explode all over the top responding to your feelings. Come on, if Elsa has a bad day, better stay away or you'll end up inside an ice cube. Fortunately that kind of gray days are not abundant in these Elsa games, where the priority is to pass it divinely. How ?, Then going to the hairdresser to get pretty, making up, arranging the nails, visiting the dentist to get a denture as white as snow !, cooking, taking a bath for your baby or adopting and caring for a beautiful pet. From time to time, and despite such a busy life, in Elsa's games there is still time for a little adventure and magic unleashed, which always feels very good. What if ?.