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Rapunzel was originally born as a popular fairy tale recovered by the Brothers Grimm, until Disney came and made her the absolute protagonist of a hit movie, "Tangled." In spite of the notorious jump, the girl kept intact her most recognizable characteristics, like that very long magic blonde hair that condemned her to live imprisoned on top of a tower. There he went, with the only company of his chameleon Pascal, until the unexpected arrival of the thief Flynn. From that moment the life of Rapunzel gives a considerable change with the aroma of a happy ending. All this melodrama is portrayed as a biography authorized throughout the Rapunzel games that make up this section. With them you will see how Rapunzel tames his tremendous mane to shape it, how to make up before leaving the tower to see Flynn, how he bathes in his pool or prepares for the wedding with the man of his dreams. You will even see her become a zombie. Can you order more than a few Rapunzel games? I do not think so.