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What exactly are you looking for when you want to burn a bit of boredom with the help of games? Let us test your answer to see if we succeed. Snakes that grow and grow without stopping. Legendary warriors with great mastery of the sword. Learn to cook pizzas, cupcakes, sushi or hot dogs. Robots programmed to destroy. Invincible commands eager to step on enemy terrain. Amazing tanks that do not stop at nothing. Expert white glove thieves and refined methods. High-end cars that have to be parked with care. Terrifying worms that devour poor, clueless passers-by. Bizarre bicycle races piloted by colorful characters. Cars with a life of their own capable of starring in the most fantastic adventures. Or snails as quick of mind as slow of reflexes. If we have been successful in everything, it means that you are looking for Yepi games. An extensive and entertaining catalog of games for all audiences and for all the desires that have in common their ability to guarantee a good time. Take the test, choose one of our Yepi games and tell us how.