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Witches, vampires, werewolves, zombies, ghosts, masked assassins and Frankenstein's monster. These are just some of the many popular faces that accompany one of the most known, and extended, festivities in the world, Halloween, Evolution of a celebration older than time itself, and of much darker origins, today Halloween is associated to the famous carved pumpkin with a sinister and smiling face and the children in disguise walking door to door for sweets. Trick or Treating. With such a juicy material, it was difficult that there were no Halloween games. And yes, friends, not only are they a reality, they are also very enjoyable. And very terrifying, of course. From disguising famous fairytale princesses and making them spend a night full of scares, to face or even help famous monsters of literature and cinema, Halloween games bet on two more addictive sensations: Fun and fear. Faced with such an attractive cocktail, it is difficult to resist. Halloween games are highly addictive and ... undeniably terrifying.