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What exactly are you looking for when you want to burn a bit of boredom with the help of games? Let us test your answer to see if we succeed. Entertaining and educational science lessons. Intrepid adventurous women interested in rummaging in other people's graves. Policemen chasing thieves no matter the consequences of their actions. Fidget Spinners to spin without rest. Cars, snails and adventurous trucks that love to get into a thousand messes and solve enigmas. Elite soldiers trained to fight against alien threats. The most crazy versions of the big-mustached plumber fights. Challenges in which to use intelligence to avoid finishing done with picadillo. Chickens in continuous battle. Smart sheep. Ice creams. Happy wheels and the best pizzas in the world. If we have been successful in everything, it means that you are looking for Friv games. An extensive and entertaining catalog of games for all audiences and for all the desires that have in common their ability to guarantee a good time. Take the test, choose one of our Friv games and tell us how.