Management Games

These management games will make you feel like a man or a businesswoman making decisions to succeed and earn a lot of money. You can run restaurants of all kinds, Italian food, hamburgers, Japanese cuisine, pizzas or coffee shops. Manage the waiters to serve the customers and have the chef cook as quickly as possible. With the money you get you can decorate your restaurant better, improve the kitchen or hire new staff. If what you prefer is something related to nature you can manage a farm where you must take care of the animals, plant fruits and vegetables in the garden and then sell it in the market and expand your land. But if your favorites are management games for beauty salons or hairdressers you have a lot different. Make the clients of your spa come out relaxed and with a fantastic skin giving them massages, using the jacuzzi or the sauna. And if it's a hairdresser do the hairstyle they choose and a special makeup. Enjoy hours and hours of fun managing a lot of different businesses!