Y8 Games

There are three words that do not fit in the universe of Y8 games: Boredom, monotony and limits. Nothing is more effective to combat sleepiness than a game of the many that Y8 has in its catalog. And speaking of fighting, in this section you can do it against zombies, aliens and even famous politicians. You will also have to face off against poopers spoilers when you try to kiss the beloved, huge trunks that will not be cut off as usual and cars willing to chase you restlessly. Then there are those that you will pilot yourself and that will demand a good skid. But to skid the ones you can provoke if you do not throw the dice well in two separate table games. Luckily we will always have the energy to cook a good cake, operate a broken knee or fly a warplane. And at the end of the day, a game of Badminton with friends or a ride to get the mutant dog out. As you can see, nothing is conventional in the games of Y8, so get ready for a good party, friend.