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Peppa Pig is an animated character who has largely won the hearts of the half-planet television audience. It is a nice pig that lives in the family home with his little brother George and his parents, Papa Pig and Mama Pig. Together and scrambled, they lead a most placid life, common to that of any family, except when problems arise that lead to funny anecdotes before finding a quick solution. And if free time abounds, Peppa Pig loves to go out and play in the garden with her friends. That same free time is what you can enjoy playing with our lovely games Peppa, where you can live all kinds of nice trivia with our friend pig and her family playing sports, dancing, cooking, celebrating birthday, going to the doctor to Take care of your health or visit the dresser in order to get very pretty. You also have other Peppa games suitable to exercise memory, sight or creativity based on puzzles, coloring or typing letters. Oing!