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Thanks to "Toy Story" we know that toys have life but, what happens when one breaks down ?. There comes into play Doctor Toys. Doc McStuffins, "Doc" for friends, is lucky to be able to communicate with toys thanks to a magic stethoscope. In this way, in addition to having a great time with the dragon Valentin, the sheep Lanitas, the nurse hippopotamus Paqui or the snowman Tiritón, the Doctor Toys can also help them if they break or crack, them and any other of their kind. First he submits them to a check-up and takes note of the defects by writing them down in his Big Book of Pupas. Once fixed, the endless fun continues. And what does "Doc" do when he does not heal his friends of plush or plastic?, Because he stars in plays of the Doctor Toys in which he cleans his clothes and then puts them on, goes through the hairdresser and tries to take care of himself and be well to be able to continue contributing their skills to many more games of the Doctor Toys like these.