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Some people accuse video games and online games of being too violent. Little suitable for children. It is clear that the audience of the games is very broad and everything has to be there. Games for adults, games for girls, games for aliens from the planet Druidia and games for children. Each one has to do what he has to do, and it is surely as pernicious for a child to play to destroy armies as it is for an adult to have to choose the costumes of Justin Bieber, for example. So, until they get older, children can enjoy in our cyber-catalog games designed to please their desires, full of colorful, friendly characters, talking animals and many other creative and constructive activities such as coloring or solving simple puzzles. Games for children starred, too, by children. Children who need care A fun and sparkling way to start taking responsibility, even through a harmless screen. Because the health and happiness of the children comes first, welcome to our section of games for children.