Santa Claus Games

We all know who Santa Claus is. That good-natured and pot-bellied individual with striking red clothes, a cap, black boots and a white beard that at Christmas brings gifts to all the children of the world on a sleigh driven by reindeer. And we all know that for decades there are games and toys about Santa Claus. But in this Christmas section of Santa Claus games we bring you a significantly different material. The pastimes compiled here tell us stories of Santa Claus who must be awakened so that he leaves as soon as possible with his mission. Santa Claus who, when he is not busy on December 24, practices his favorite hobby, playing the electric guitar. Santa Claus who take the distribution of gifts entering through the fireplace like an authentic Hollywood movie. Others who have changed to the sled by a bicycle, a truck or a sports car and take advantage of the journey to improvise races. In short, a different way of seeing the pot belly of the red suit in the Santa Claus games.