Painting Games

Some people say that black and white is aesthetic, artistic and perfectly reflects reality. However, and there lies the curious paradox, the world we inhabit is not black and white. Nor do we perceive it that way. We have the great luck of seeing in colorines, because for something we inhabit an environment apparently finished coloring by an artist the day the muses smile at him generously. Get out there and watch. Is not it nice to see so many blues, greens, reds, yellows, browns and other divine pigmentations? Do not even doubt it!. And what do you do when the black and white saddens you, so color! Grant life and dynamism with the help of good coloring games, be it a greeting card, an illustration or portraits of characters from the world of animation as dear as SpongeBob, Caillou or Dora the explorer. Anything goes, and everyone will let themselves be painted gladly and kindly because nobody will be bitter about a sweet ... let alone a brushstroke of good color in these coloring games so happy and pizpiretos.