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Curious George Games

Jorge was a monkey that lived peacefully in the trees of Africa until a man all dressed in yellow, including his long hat, brought him to civilization. Logically all that new world overflowing in colors, sounds and smells aroused the immense curiosity of the animal, which led him to get into all kinds of adventures and messes. That's why he received the nickname of Jorge the curious, because at no time could the desire to discover and learn be contained. And what happened when things got complicated ?, that appeared the man dressed in yellow to return Jorge the curious to the security of the home. At least until the next epic of the restless monkey, of course. Those same uncontrollable desire to understand the environment are transferred to the online format with some games of Jorge the curious that will delight large and especially small, as well as entertaining and beautiful to see, are highly educational. Learn, discover and spend a good time with the games of Jorge the curious.