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Doctor Games

What happens when you have a gut pain? You go to the doctor. And when you fracture a bone ?, you go to the doctor. And if the fever rises, then the same thing, you go to the doctor. But what happens when, in addition to suffering all those terrible ailments, you need to be treated affectionately, pampered and rejoice the bad times with a sweet and understanding smile ?, Well, you're going to ask the doctor for an appointment !! . Politically incorrect comment? Not at all! Let's call it a great truth. Maybe that's why there are doctor games ... but not doctor. Doctor games in which, in addition to the care of patients, the tenderness prevails. Are you afraid of hospitals ?, nothing, giving the doctor games we assure you that you will be cured of such a peculiar -and widespread- phobia. Here you will not only return the health to griposos, girls with doll faces and funny animals, you will also recompose hands, noses, eyes, teeth, pancreas and whatever it takes. Always with joy and the feeling of security and tranquility that the huge blue eyes of these wonderful doctors transmit.