Dentist Games

Going to the dentist is healthy, necessary and beneficial. No-ones doubt that. You have to take care of your teeth or you'll end up devouring mashed potatoes all your life. Once clarified, we can say calmly about that but what a fear to hear the sound of the good doctor's tools rummaging through your premolars! Going for such a drink has its reward, although we have never seen anyone going to the dentist with a smile. However, the opposite is the case when we talk about those who, faced with a boredom more intolerable than gum pain, give to dentist games. Why does that happen ?, because in the dentist's games there is no pain, anguish or suffering, but quite the opposite. Here the patients are as happy as the dentists who dedicate themselves with determination to take care of their teeth, which goes from pearls to remove the tincture to the infant unaccustomed to those routines. When you finish you will not be able to avoid exclaiming what a great dentist !! And we say "Olé!" To that. Or was it "Ay!"