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The ocean is an inhospitable place, fertile ground for the mystery, danger and adventure. Certainly the giant waves and other phenomena come into that group, but the real field of action is underwater. And the only thing that keeps you afloat, well away from the abyss, are the boats. It can be a liner, a fast boat or a simple boat to go fishing on Sundays. How useful are against the ravenous mutant fish, sharks or submarine commanded by the enemy ?. Is it worth going through all that to locate the priceless treasure of an ancient galleon ?, or rescue a helpless creature trapped in a small islet? ... I think so, thunderbolts !, if you're looking for spend some fable as the fiercest buccaneer ship with these boat games. Full Steam Ahead, arriad jib, abatid the mizzen! ... If you know all that jargon, and you manage to distinguish between port and starboard, then you are born to the sea, boat games. To the approach my boys !.