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It is very curious the intense fascination that trains awaken in many people. Is it their machinery? Their longevity? The fact that they are a recurring element in the history of humanity? We do not know. And although the trains have evolved what is not written, the locomotive continues to occupy the podium as a favorite. But what would be of these fabulous and fast machines created by man without the ways by which to slide and that sow a good part of the terrestrial map along many kilometers ?. What's more, what would the fans of the railroad be without train games with which to vent their fantasies? Trains old, modern, colorful, realistic, anthropomorphic, runaway or happy ... and roads, many ways through which to move despite possible limitations, dangers, accidents, obstacles, infernal slopes and many other exciting challenges. Always, or almost always, with the characteristic "chu-chu", the whistle, the smoke from the fireplace and the sympathetic and good-natured machinist as the ideal accompaniment to these venerable train sets.