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It seems that no, but driving a bus has its merit. Think of the narrow alleys, turning without hitting the vehicles next door or let's say parking such a mastodon. The bus drivers are worthy of admiration. If you think the same and want to experience such responsibility and risk, now you can with these games of buses, in which, clinging to the steering wheel, you will know the difficulties and dangers of driving such a thing ... and also its advantages, if the adventure consists of You face hordes of devilish creatures ready to be crushed. With the bus games you will have to develop the route well drawn, in order and concert. Stop at the stops. Allow time to upload the entire passage. Take it to its destination. Take care of the old women without change. Wait for the passenger who comes running from the back of the street and many other less practical and credible things. No need to sit behind the wheel of a tuned Ferrari to spurt adrenaline, the bus is enough, surplus and devastates.