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There is a lot of talk about the values ​​and difficulties of physics, mathematics and palmistry, but parking or parking a car is never taken into account. Or what did you think? Park requires almost as much calculation, concentration and precision as any of these modalities. Seriously!. Have you ever wondered about "how something so big fits in such a small parking lot?", Because by squeezing the car parking games you can get the desired response. Choose the parking lot, turn the steering wheel smoothly, position the body a few millimeters from the wall, do not scratch it, do not dents it, do not stay with half a nose out, do not crush the wastebasket and, much more importantly, do not run over no soulless If you work it out, you will have managed to park and you will be awarded as a champion. And not only cars, but also motorcycles, trucks, airplanes, even gondolas! Any of them requires that you put your brain and your hands to work and you look with these games to park cars. Of course, you can always laugh a while destroying, but there you with your conscience, colleague.