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Who was going to tell Trey Parker and Matt Stone that their hooligan and irreverent animated series South Park would reach such popularity as to end up turned into products as common and ordinary as stuffed animals, home decorations or games of all kinds ?. We could not be less, which is why we have gathered for your greatest joy and surprise a whole gallery of South Park games that you will laugh with. That smile of satisfaction and those glazed eyes that you spend guarantee that you know the universe of South Park perfectly, so you will not need an introduction either. This is not an obstacle for us to give a quick review of the distribution of habitual suspects: Stan, Kyle, Cartman and the always "injured" Kenny, the group of children who will live all sorts of adventures regardless of the degree of madness, which is usually much . In these South Park games, things are not different. Especially with poor Kenny who, in the end, is still badly hurting. Try it for yourself.