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It is not usual that a whole president, and less than a country as powerful as the United States, star in a raging delirious online games like you will find here. Naturally we talk about the charismatic Barack Obama with his imperturbable smile and those protruding ears so much his. Obama had the great honor of being the first president of color in his native land and since his election in 1997 he has shown an admirable progressive tendency, with special interest in throwing a cable to the less favored part of the population. For all this it is not surprising that it arouses so many sympathies for people to make him the hero of Obama's games. And is that the boy also earns, using a healthy sense of humor where it is required. In the Obama games you will take him through the streets of Washington on a motorcycle, you will face fearsome terrorists or cook delicious and proper burgers following their wise advice. So it's nice to have political leaders, man!