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They live in the street, they sleep covered by cardboard, they swell with wine, they are dirty, they are uncontrollable and they smell bad. Call them vagabonds, call them gulfs or, better, call them hobos. With these hobo games you can do everything you want, without putting limits to your diabolical imagination. It is absolute chaos and pure anarchy. Being a hobo you are out of the law, you are the king of the misfits and no rule, nor any rule, affect you. Do not obey, do not let yourself be controlled. Attack, steal, assault and destroy !. Total freedom and lack of ethics are your greatest allies. The hobo is not limited to being an unpleasant annoyance for its human congeners. By throwing imagination and fist, you will also pound and irritate all kinds of infernal beings, alien creatures or bugs from beyond. Nothing and no one can against you, your dirty beards, your stench, your saliva, your snot, your vomiting and your bad fleas. End any civilized act with madness and good humor with hobo games. Buargh !!, they stink ... and a thousand!