Power Rangers Games

The famous Power Rangers come to your device loaded with all the action and adventure that has characterized them since their television birth back in 1993. In fiction they are the result of the arts of magician Zordon, desperate to create a super army capable of fighting against Evil Rita Repulsa and her host of disgusting creatures. For this, he recruits a group of adolescents with an adventurous spirit who he trains and turns into the Power Ranger all-powerful, each with their respective color, their characteristic saddle and animal-looking vehicle called Zord. When the enemy to fight exceeds a building in stature, the different Zords come together and create a super robot called -obvious- Megazord. Starting from that base, what you'll find here are a handful of vibrant Power Ranger games where you'll fight demons from the sky, robot worms from the earth, refine your powers and, if you get bored, you can score a few races uploaded to a motorcycle. The best and the best in Power Ranger games!