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Parkour Games

What do we call Parkour ?. A way to move at great speed naturally with the sole help of your body, overcoming obstacles with apparent ease in a demonstration of harmony with your environment. Although Parkour began to become popular at the end of the 90s, in fact its origin goes back to Western Europe, before the First World War. The usual Parkour practitioner calls himself "traceur". Can we put that same label on those who practice it without leaving their room, or lift the butt of the chair, thanks to their devices and the Parkour Games ?. Surely not, but neither are we going to condemn him. After all, real Parkour is very demanding and you have to be in perfect shape to practice it. The Parkour Games can be enjoyed by anyone, regardless of age, condition or physical appearance. The Games of Parkour democratize the experience and allow the player to be placed for a moment, or for a few minutes, in the place of the traceur. Surely not as intense, but just as entertaining.