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Skating Games

There are different ways to move around on wheels. To feel the speed and the air in the face. You can choose a convertible car. Or a motorcycle. But those are too cumbersome options. Is there a way that does not involve the roar of an engine altering the enjoyment of the moment? There is. With skates. Put on a pair of boots with small wheels at the base. In this way we can take pleasant walks, or even hurry down a track, without taking a nasty fracture as a trophy. And there is still one last variant: sit on the sofa, or wherever you want, and enjoy everything narrated so far through the screen of your device. No blows and no bruises. That is, playing skating games. Participate in competitions, go around the park, select the design and color of your skates or the famous ones of the caliber of Barbie or a Disney Princess. The variety is huge, the results are always excellent and everything goes smoothly in the skating games.