Pacman Games

Retro is fashionable and Pacman games are proof of this, this famous arcade was created in 1980 by the Namco company and became one of the best-selling games of the moment. The game mode consists of driving the PacMan for each screen eating all the points to go to the next level. But the four ghosts that chase you will not be easy, try to dodge or eat them when you get one of the big points. Those points will give you the ability to face them but they will only last for a while, when they return to their original color they will be the ones that go for you. Do not forget to eat the fruits that appear from time to time as they will give you some extra points. We have the classic version of the mythical Pacman or more modernized versions or others with different protagonists but with the same objective of the game. If you want to have a fun time remembering the best times of the arcades enter our section of Pacman games.