Tetris Games

It seems incredible that a game as immensely popular, addictive and entertaining as Tetris was invented by serious and cultured gentlemen there in cold Russia. Programmers and mathematicians joined forces to esput something that in simplicity found its effectiveness. The Tetris consists, essentially, in fitting a series of geometric figures that are falling and stacking, watching that none is badly placed and humble the harmonious whole. These forms are called tetrominoes. And the same word Tetris derives from the Greek term "tetra". Take it now !. If you are still awake, it will make you happy to know that, with the passage of time, there were many generous individuals in charge of making Tetris games quite different from what they were in the beginning. Today, Tetris is no longer limited to geometry. You can play it with fruits, funny faces, candies, stars, three-dimensionally and on colorful and cheerful backgrounds. The end is the same, only now the journey is more talkative. Delight the classics with these infallible Tetris games. Because seniority is a grade.