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Karate Games

Karate has a noble origin. Emerged in the Ryukyu Islands as the desperate choice of a handful of warriors bent on protecting their beloved king. Dry, direct and forceful punches that left their opponents systematically lying down. All very nice but, being practical, what we love about karate is not its spiritual side but the most cocky, intense and destructive. That so well portrayed in the cinema by famous stars specialized in showing fists and muscles. Or in other forms of entertainment such as comics, video games and its more affordable version, online karate games. Thus, the list of karate games is as extensive and juicy as the list of techniques typical of such a fighting system. If in this group we find weird curse words like juntai kaiso, atemi waza, nage waza or ashi sabaki, in the precedent we can enjoy dragon fists in 3D, punishments based on bruises, exciting rescues, combats in the kumite or grandfathers of black belt . Put some karate in your life and smile !.