Bloons Games

Our games of Bloons or explode balloons are the most entertaining and in them you can demonstrate your skill by throwing darts. Manage your cute monkey protagonist to try to exploit as many balloons as you can in each release. You have a limited number of darts so you should think hard about the strength and angle of the shot to be able to move to the next level. There are a lot of games in this series with many levels that will increase the difficulty of the game. But not only do we have the original balloon games, we also have fun versions with other protagonists such as Cupid who will have to explode balloons in the shape of a heart with the bow and arrows. Or other ways of exploiting them like using a cannon to free the balloons tied to the chains and explode in the air. No matter the protagonist or the weapon, the objective will always be the same, that you spend a fun time demonstrating your skill and accuracy in our collection of Bloons games.