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There are human beings who are enough and have enough to catch the bike or the bike and go to give a voltio in the neighborhood. The more seasoned prefer the mountain, but pulling down the dirt road, dodging weekend hikers. And finally there are the madmen of the two cogwheels, who prefer to jump, jump down ravines, shoot out like catapults, climb impossible rocks and, finally, play the neck. It's what experts call trial. Notice!. To that handful of varied beings we must add the smart and cautious type, who does it from the armchair at home, or the seat of the bus, thanks to its electronic device and trial games, only multiplying the possibilities. Change the slope and the slide by impossible devices with which to reach abysmal heights. Bundle in the most dangerous circuits and fight against gravity turned into the cereal doll. If your thing is to play it on two wheels, motorized or not, go to the void with these trial games and live the most extreme adventure.