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Beyblade Games

The Beyblade is a game that consists of throwing a spinning top in order to knock down or expel the field from your opponent. Read like that sounds a bit bland, true, but believe us if we tell you that the thing is addictive and gives a lot, including an anime series that responds to the same name and stars a kid, Tyson Granger, obsessed with becoming the champion of the games of Beyblade or Beybreaker number one. Luck of the fantastic creatures that inhabit the mentioned tops and that, if the thing gets ugly, emerge from inside to end the session. That of friend Tayson responds to the name of Dragoon. All this has turned the boy with pointed hair into the icon of the series, the respective toy and, of course, the Beyblade games. Which means that you will also ride motorcycles, snowboards, play basketball, ski, you can color it and it will be a recurring theme in Beyblade puzzles .. That's "Beyriedad" and all the other nonsense!