Anime Games

Anime is the manga branch dedicated to everything that involves animation. And the manga, as you well know, comes directly from Asia. At a time when Western culture had become comfortable and lazy, the manga turned out to be quite a revolt, a way of seeing the comic, and consequently the cinema, full of innovative ideas, different, crazy and that broke everything the known. The superheroes of atrophied muscles capable of plowing apocalyptic punches, the monsters reportedly and with tentacles, the most unbridled action and an extremely precious feminine universe, are some of the many characteristics that the manga contributed. It was a matter of time before it turned into manga games. A handful of hobbies that logicians share, and sometimes illogical attributes of the Asian comic culture. So, in anime games, everything comes to life, the terrible punching, the abominable creatures and the girls addicted to the gaudy and colorful models. An unpredictable and surreal world at your disposal on the screen of your device.