Twilight Games

It is already here one of the most successful franchises in the history of film and literature, determined to narrate the romantic ups and downs between a human responding to the name of Bella, a mysterious and pale vampire named Edward Cullen and a werewolf, Jacob. Naturally we are talking about Twilight, an authentic scourge of fans and devotees who love her, adore her, imitate her and give her a kidney for being part of her. And how could it be otherwise, there are also the Twilight games that, according to the tone of the original work, focus their interests on romanticism, the blood sucks, the full moon and its derivatives. We have authentic love triangles in which the young human must be decided before the Twilight by one of the two monsters that court her. Makeup, lots of makeup, for Bella or friend Edward. There is also nail painting or the inevitable "What do I wear today?". Take out the cross, the stake and the mascara and prepare to live intensely the vampiric love with these attractive and striking games of Twilight.