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Camouflage clothes Black boots Rifle against the chest. To form!. Join the ranks of the soldiers and let yourself be trained to be the best on the battlefield. On foot, on four wheels, by sea or through the skies, there are many ways to win a war and a lot of weapons to dispose of. But first and foremost is the honor. Win or die. Never let yourself be crushed by the enemy. The cannons spit fire and the bullets whistle when they touch you, but there you go, stained with mud and wet, without surrendering. A cluster of sensations and emotions perfectly reproduced in these soldiers and military games, where you can choose the how, when and where to carry out your risky mission. Whether you are a soldier, a brigade, a corporal, a lieutenant or even Rambo, they are all part of the military machine and all have the same objective: Fight. Stand firm in front of your screen, recharge your fingers and sing that of "Soldier hardened. Intrepid and fast. Right is my dress my military bearing "while you enjoy these games of soldiers.