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Hairdressing Games

Combing is an art. No-ones doubt that. Today hairdressers are considered authentic creators with pedigree who charge fortunes to manipulate the hairs of people. The hairdressers of the planet are always full of women eager to feel attractive watching their hair mutate, shorten, wave, change shape or color magically and with the help of a handful of fragrant products. The possibilities are endless. So in a fleeting plan are known ways of combing like the bouffant, the braids, the classic bun, the corkscrew, the hive, the permanent or the shocking bowl cut. In these radiant styling games you can apply all those modus operandi, and others much more free, without restrictions of any kind. Within a purely virtual parameters, of course. At your disposal you will have pretty, but anonymous faces, and pretty, but famous faces, like those of Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Lady Gaga or Katy Perry, as well as princesses, babies, pets or Emos. A variety that you will only find in these styling games. Give the lacquer pleasure, baby.