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There is a great variety of pistols. Of models and brands. But they all have in common that they are irresistibly attractive. The guns kill, yes, but they also fascinate. Hold them with your hand, see their chromed cannon glow sensually, listen to the click of their deadly mechanism, pull the trigger, feel the portentous recoil. Bang! Pure unbridled energy. Yes folks, the devil loads them. And yes, playing with them is dangerous ... but not when you do it through a screen. So draw and spend a glorious time with these sets of guns, in which you can shoot at pleasure without worrying about the ammunition or that glossy callus of your index finger. Sets of smoking guns, large, small, automatic, semi-automatic, old, modern, aerodynamic, packed in your belt or inside a holster. Either way, and whatever it is, it is about drawing, loading, aiming, firing and hitting the target. Will you be the fastest west of the Pecos? To discover it you will have to play these games of pistols, stranger. And I think you ... I would do it without thinking!