City Building Games

One fine day, even in the dawn of humanity, some individuals realized that they no longer needed to move from one place to another in search of food. They could grow it themselves, so they decided to settle and grow. That was the gene of the big cities. Little by little that original community expanded personnel and services. The more they grew, the more they knew and the more they knew, the greater their desire to build cities. Little by little the metropolis, as we know it today, was imposed. And so on until our technological days. Building cities takes centuries, a lot of money and no less human resources. But thanks to the games of building cities here you will be able to experience the fascinating and complex task of unifying homes, public buildings, streets, parks, sidewalks and everything that entails at breakneck speed and, moreover, with total freedom to wrong, recreate the ancient world or fantasize about the distant future. In the games of building cities, history, fantasy and entertainment come together cordially.