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Archery Games

Many are the heroes who have thrown archery when it comes to earning their laurels: Robin Hood, William Tell, Hawkeye, Mortadelo ... who has not dreamed of emulating them ever ?, grabbing the arrow, tightening the rope, Keep your pulse steady, let go and wham! Above, defending some noble cause or saving the helpless victim of duty tied to the tree on duty. All that and more, in archery games you will find it. Of course, knowing how twisted some of you are on the other side of the screen, there is also the dark side of the matter. Those who are nourished by archery to do evil. The villains of satanic laughter. All that does not matter, the point is to throw arrows as a ripper and hit the target. And when I use that word, any other value is to replace it: An apple, a deer, an operetta tyrant, a monster or some folk character with redemptive intentions. Choose which side you prefer and tighten the rope in these archery games.